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October 1, 2013:
Circle Contact Lenses Before and After.


Prescription Lenses

Prescription circle contacts are sold overseas, in a lot of varieties, if you trust unknown manufacturers who may be adulterating contacts with volatile chemicals or bacteria.

Where To Buy Circle Contacts?

Pros and Cons of Circle Lenses

Circle contacts are a new fashion craze among young people and Anime fans. They have been made popular in foreign countries like South Korea and Japan, but have become a bigger staple thanks to the look inpired by Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video (which is in reality digitally altered.) Many young people use circle contacts and big eye lenses for Facebook photos and glamour shots, but they are also used for costume events and everyday outings. Toric circle contacts are also available for people with special eye problems.

Recent news coverage about circle contacts indicates that there are dangers of eye problems, corneal scratching, eye infections, and potential blindness from the use of these lenses. They are not legally for sale in the US but it is possible to buy circle contacts online from foreign sellers, and they are relatively inexpensive although this may be because they are not as high quality as the cosmetic lenses that you would buy in the United States.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always beware of offshore sites selling circle contact lenses. More sellers of contacts have come on the market in 2011 and 2012, but they might not have sterile conditions in their factories or may be using preservatives that put dangerous substances in your eye.